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Mission Statement

The Mission of the North Idaho Chapter of the Idaho Veterans Assistance League (“IVAL”) is to provide assistance to and support for the Veterans residing at the North Idaho State Veterans Home in the city of Post Falls, State of Idaho; and to assist the Idaho Division of Veterans Services in carrying out its mission of serving Idaho’s Veterans, who have earned special recognition through their service and sacrifices in protecting our Country’s freedoms and individual rights, by providing quality long-term care.

Each of the regional Chapters of the Idaho Veterans Assistance League exists to provide and furnish services specifically designed to meet the physical, social, educational, financial, religious, civic, cultural, recreational, and psychological needs of the Veterans who occupy Idaho’s four State Veterans Homes. IVAL also seeks to provide the resident Veterans of the Idaho State Veterans Homes with security, happiness, dignity, independence, and usefulness, all of which contribute to a longer and more fulfilling life.